About us

Thank you for choosing L.I. Bimmer Pros to take care of your vehicle. We are BMW North America certified technicians that strive to provide you with the best service and professionalism than you could ever ask for as a customer.

With many years of BMW dealership experience, quality tools and BMW software means being able to perform electrical diagnostics, full labor intensive repairs and everything in between.

We give you the same dealership quality and service using original manufacturers parts without the dealership inflation. Why go anywhere else when it comes to your BMW’s maintenaince and diagnostic concerns..


Being BMW North America certified technicians with over 16 years BMW dealership experience means that we specialize in all aspects of BMW,from maintenance services to electrical diagnostics and repairs.


Engine Replacement
Brake Service
Suspension Service
Shocks & Struts



Transmission Repairs
Exhaust Systems
Coolant System Services
BMW Programming/Coding
Engine Modifications
And Much More!